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LEAD GLASS, , XRAY GLASSES COAT OF LEAD, LEAD PANELLING SYSTEMS STANLEYSXRAY LEAD SHEET www.turkexporters.com www.stanleysxray.com www.stanleyskapi.com 0532 3580057 0216 4575275 Stanleyxray radiology rooms private antimony rate is high, the degree of purity of 99%, 94 minimum setting ... is produced and in every country can be used easily radio conservation-based course plates.türk, Iraq, American, Russian, European countries, atomic energy and ministries of health in accordance with standards of the course plates.radiation the leak does the license with zero error in the measurement report is received. Orders ship within 2 days with a small amount, warehouse, bus transportation will be delivered to the address. Turkey and all over the world exports delivery of the course will be certified as .this plates are registered export plates and pallets are shipped in special packaging. (these sheets are produced specifically for radiology mosque and it is not economical for use in roofing) 1 mm lead plate 220 x 100 = 27 kg * 1, 5 mm lead plate 220 x 100 = 40 kg * 2 mm lead sheet 220 x 100 = 53 kg * 3 mm lead plate 200 x 100 = 75 kg * 4 mm lead plate 100 x 100 = 50 kg * 5 mm lead plate 100 x 100 = 63 kg * 6 mm lead plate 100 x 100 = 75 kg The course of bricks 10 mm 100 x 100 = 125 kg (m2) The course of bricks 20 mm 100 x 100 = 250 kg (m2) Our products are all thick brick courses. Courses plate, lead panel discussions, course, courses coating, lead insulation, lead sheet sales, lead prices, lead plate sales, lead, Turkey lead sheet, lead panels turkey, turkey lead shield, Istanbul course, lead doors, lead sheet, lead bricks, lead sheet assembly, shoes export, export, Iraq shoes export, wooden door, export, arabia door export, steel doors, iron doors, lead glass, lead bricks, X-ray room lead plating, hospitals lead doors military shoes export, sturdy shoes, lead the panel, armored door, security door, xray lead protection, lead-based paints, lead, flooring, lead separators, export wooden door, hotel door manufacturing, shoe manufacturing, turkey shoes, lead glass

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